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Walmart Raising Trucker’s Salaries


In order to hire 900 additional drivers, Walmart Stores is offering a $1,500 referral bonus and effectively paying an annual salary of $87,500 with 21 day of vacation the first year of employment.  In addition there is potential for safety bonus.  Drivers can look forward to more predictable scheduling and a reduction in the time from application to starting work.


Greg Smith, Executive Vice President of the Walmart U.S. supply chain stated, “This wage increase reflects the importance of our private fleet and our commitment to recruiting and retaining the best drivers in the industry.”


CHICK-NEWS has reported previously on the shortage of competent and qualified drivers and it must be accepted that given the dearth of applicants relative to demand, the action taken by Walmart Stores will be reflected in the transport costs of both fleet operators and those using common carriers.

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