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U.S. Citizens Favor Ratification of USMCA


Pass USMCA Coalition, an activist group, has revealed that a large majority of U.S. citizens polled favor adoption of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement negotiated to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The honorary co-chairman of the Coalition, former Congressman Joe Crowley stated “Americans rely on strong North American trade relations for a stable workforce and economy, and the USMCA will promote job growth across industries and expand opportunities for workers.”

The poll conducted at the end of January 2019 found 10 percent of respondents “somewhat opposed” to USMCA with only 4 percent “strongly opposed”.

The Coalition is led by Rick Dearborn, a Washington insider who served on the staff of six U.S. Senators and was Deputy Chief of Staff for President G. W. Bush and a past-appointee in the current Administration.

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