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April is Reducing Food Waste Month


The USDA, the EPA and FDA have joined to form an initiative entitled Winning on Reducing Food Waste. The Agencies will encourage long-term reduction in food waste requiring research, community investment, education and outreach. USDA Secretary Dr. Sonny Perdue stated “USDA alone cannot end food waste. It will require partners from across the supply chain working together on innovative solutions and consumer education.” He added “We need to feed our hungry world, and by reducing food waste, we can more wisely use the resources we have.”

EPA Administrator, Andrew Wheeler stated “Reducing food waste and redirecting excess food to people, animals or energy production provides immediate benefits to public health and the environment.” He added “We are working closely with our Federal partners and stakeholders across the nation to reduce the amount of food going to landfills.”

FDA Deputy Commissioner Frank Yiannas commented “With one in six people getting a foodborne illness every year in the U.S. and up to 40 percent of food left uneaten, it is understandable why food safety and food waste are major societal concerns.” He added “The FDA is working to strengthen its collaboration and coordination with the EPA and the USDA to strategically align our federal efforts between the two issues to better education Americans on how to reduce food waste and how it can be done safely.”

This is yet another example of cooperation among three federal agencies responsible for aspects of the food supply. The task would be easier and more efficiently implemented with a unified food safety agency.

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