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Chipotle Defers on Breakfast Servings


In an address to the Sanford C. Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference on May 29th, CEO Brian Niccol confirmed that Chipotle would concentrate on beverages and would defer serving breakfasts.

Niccol stated “Part of the reason why we want to get after beverages is I think there is a real opportunity for that afternoon daypart”. He commented on both lunch and dinner as strengths of the company supported by mobile. In discussing breakfast, he stated “I do think breakfast is something in the future that we might do”.

The reality is that previous management failed to recognize the importance of drive-through servings in the location and design of free-standing stores. In common with Subway which also operates a high proportion of store-front operations, breakfasts are difficult to serve in other than urban locations as this mealtime is heavily dependent on drive-through traffic. Developing a comprehensive breakfast menu would require considerable R&D, installation of equipment and training. The current layout of kitchens and serving areas in Chipotle stores is compatible with lunch and dinner, but cannot be adapted to breakfast.

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