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Hybrid Turkeys Applying Ovarian Transplantation to Preserve Gene Pool


A cooperative partnership between Hybrid Turkeys, the University of Guelph in Canada and the USDA-ARS will study ovarian transplantation in turkeys to determine the feasibility of long-term preservation of specific genetic lines. Maintaining avian sperm is not effective since fertility of frozen sperm is extremely low. Raising and maintaining breeding stock is expensive and flocks can be impacted by disease or natural disasters.

The study involves transplanting ovaries to preserve genes. The initial stage involves a seven-day old donor poult and a one day old recipient poult for ovarian grafting. If it can be demonstrated that the recipient does not reject transplanted ovarian tissue, additional transplants will be carried out transferring tissue from white turkey lines to bronze lines. Dr. Ben Wood of Hybrid Turkeys stated “Investment in these research projects are important for future sustainability. We will continue to collaborate with academic and government partners to develop innovative solutions that could offer real value for the future of the industry”.

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