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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Jurisdiction Over Agricultural GMO


Lobbyists are requesting transfer of jurisdiction over gene editing of livestock from the FDA to the USDA. This move follows the release of an Executive Order promoting more rapid adoption of technology for the agricultural sector. At issue is the introduction of gene deletion that has the potential to produce disease-resistant hogs. 


The Pork Producers’ Council should reconsider their request in the light of a previous commitment by the major poultry breeders to reject any form of genetic modification for broilers, turkeys and laying strains.  Pork producers should be careful that they do not receive what they ask for. Even if a small segment of their industry embraces gene deletion, all pork may be regarded by consumers as “genetically modified”.

For the record, CHICK-NEWS is enthusiastically in favor of all forms of applicable agricultural technology and anticipates benefits from gene deletion currently applied in Salmonella vaccines.  Extending GM to livestock is however fraught with marketing implications and would provide opponents of the technology and advocates of veganism with considerable ammunition to support an anti-pork and by extension an anti-livestock campaign.

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