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USDA Appoints Deputy Undersecretaries


The USDA has announced that Secretary Dr. Sonny Perdue has appointed Dr. Mindy Brashears as Deputy Undersecretary for Food Safety, Naomi Earp as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights and Dr. Scott Hutchins as Deputy Undersecretary for Research, Education and Economics. These positions do not require senate confirmation, and the appointments were effective January 29th.

Dr. Brashears was nominated to the position by the President in May 2018, but her confirmation was not completed during the 115th Congress.

The USDA statement confirmed “While in their deputy roles selected by Dr. Perdue, they will not be serving in acting capacities for the positions for which they have been nominated. As a result, they will not be able to exercise the functions or powers expressly delegated to the senate-confirmed positions.”

Dr. Perdue thanked the three nominees for their patience during the nomination process. The appointment will permit them to commence work, but Perdue urged the Senate to act on their nominations as quickly as possible so they can be assigned to the positions for which they were originally intended.

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