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Contamination Results in Recalls


Johnsonville Company, in Sheboygan Falls, WI. recalled 42 tons of smoked sausage produced on March 12th.  Green plastic contaminants were found in the 14-ounce packages with a “best by” date of June 9th 2019.  There have been no confirmed reports of injury resulting from the problem.


Perdue Foods LLC recalled 16 tons of chicken nuggets, tenders and strips.  This action follows consumer reports of bone fragments in products.  The implicated batches were marketed under the Chef Quik® and Simply Smart® organics brands.  The affected product was manufactured on March 21st.  As of March 31st there were no reports of injury arising from the contamination.


The FSIS routinely conducts recall effectiveness audits and posts data on


In past months, losses associated with contamination involving both plastic and metal fragments resulted in extensive recalls of meat products.

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